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    Human Identity’s GCD

Remember the alien emperor inhabiting the head of a “human” within the 1997 Hollywood blockbuster movie, "Men In Black?"

> http://www.imdb.com/video/imdb/vi1466737177

    That's the best visual summary of us homo sapiens sapiens we’ve encountered: WE ARE this intentional, cognitive, desperately independent though needy mass of 200 billion+ neurons in our skulls alone, & each neuron in our brains hosts between 5,000 & 20,ooo other neuron connections; thus, the possible (factorial) ways information flows in our brains outnumber the stars in our universe! Seemingly unending options reside upstairs in each of us.

    Our li'l 3lb(s) has its adjacent array of sensory devices (eyes, ears, nose, tongue), all perched high on a flexible, opportunistic neck; 44 free-floating muscles within our faces that eventually project the inner world as external one-of-a-kind sculpture; a sense of its unit's boundary & environmental understanding (skin); a muscular-skeletal mechanical system as true animals adaptive to multiple locales; stereo amazing tools (Latin manibus > hands > humanity) at the ends of upper appendages; hundreds of trillions of microbes co-inhabiting the moving animal as portable gene forest (plant kingdom roots/dynamics); & legions of semi-obedient support organs & systems to keep the whole organism alive, or at least, ideally to maximize homeostasis. We're clearly one of evolution's more recent & advanced products (okay: debatable), but how do we become better & wiser for our geosphere? It’s quintessentially pragmatic: no home, no life.

    Our brains are our common core identity. Our bodies co-evolved to house, move, & support the continuing, purposeful, conscious genetic mission. That's basically the actual bodily mass of 98% for the neural 2%, true? This one is a good stat, but is the upper financial 2% the “brain” of social structure & prediction? Yes, in many controlling & response-able ways, good, bad, indifferent. Voting, activism, & the www itself are parallel social-neural pathways. It's a 2-way info street we individually & collectively struggle to maintain & influence.

    Welcome to the New Earth, where one species’ GCD/greatest common denominator -- an organ of only 3lb -- rules all. Adelante.

synaptic self
manipulative survival
predictive awareness
self. other, environment
basic machine model info:
our human brain
average adult weight: 1300-1400 g
% brain total body weight 
    (150 lb human): 2%
legacy processor: R-complex
mammalian processor: cerebellum
cerebellum/body wt: 142g/60,000g (.002%)
advanced processor: cerebral cortex
cerebral cortex by brain volume:  77%
cerebral cortex surface area: 2,500 cm2
synapses in cerebral cortex: 60-240 trillion!
data storage: 3.5 quadrillion bytes
processing speed: 2.2 billion megaflops
power consumption: 20 watts
brain composition: 77% water, 11% lipids, 8% proteins, 1% carbohydrates, 2% soluble organics, 1% inorganic acids
# cranial nerves (mainframe server): 12
# nerve fibers in corpus collosum (hemispheric bridge): 250,000,000
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