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Why megasynapse?*


    “Synapse” etymologically is derived from the Greco-Roman syn + haptein, meaning to clasp, join, or come together. Simply, an intersection, a connection. Historically, it is a late-nineteenth century neuroscience term devised to describe the minuscule gap between & among our brain’s neurons. A synapse is literally empty space across which electro-chemical neurotransmitters travel from genetic, environmental, & volitional stimuli; hence, a synapse is the human void on this miraculous planet through which our most urgent solutions have found & will find gestation.  

    Symbolically, it is Nature’s most potent blank canvas: microscopic junctures en toto paint our homo sapiens legacy.

    Virtually, the www, mirroring synapses, is the epitome of biomimicry. We have an evolving planetary brain at our disposal.

    How we each choose to fill those internal chasms of synapses affects the self, the other, the community, the region, the planet.

    Free Will lives there. Mega amounts.*

    Hey, let’s solve stuff.  ;o)


   Thornton Communications, started in 1978, has evolved into a family & friends network of creative, design, research, educational, religious, business, legal, scientific, & intellectual professionals whose interests, expertise, goals, & passions interweave & complement one another toward synergistic impact. A truly global race is on we also work toward with urgency...

    In 1900, average human life expectancy in the U.S. was 41.6 years; a century later, it had nearly doubled for both male & female (1). Only a half century ago, there were just over 2.3 billion humans on this magnificent blue aqueous rock; today, there are more than three times that (2). Never before in human history has our population exploded so exponentially, has our impact upon each other, the environment, & fellow life forms been so extreme. What happens when one species becomes too successful? How does our very own Planet Synapse react? 

    Our collective TC geo-mission is both to step back from & step deeply into the potential of storied learning: our history, immediacy, & principally the future of us in relation to our unique biosphere, our Planet Earth. Then we task ourselves to act incisively, wisely for all. Is that even possible? What’s the long-term alternative?

    Self-perception travels along a circular continuum: from genetic transports to alpha predators to social animals to ingenious solvers to immortal souls, all in relation to all other species & our planetary home. How we humans see ourselves through our attitudes & behaviors will determine the destiny of all ambient life. It is a horrific power, a universal responsibility.

    That is the juncture Earth history has reached. All is on us, fellow human.

    It’s not just about us.













Thornton Communications

Mike Thornton (megasynapse.com)

multimedia design, instructional design, writing, research

Mike’s education & professional experience feed one another & build upon a solid tripod of communications, education, & technology. Part-time self-employed since high school, he became fully self-sufficient by age 19 at the University of Notre Dame as a student & freelance writer, photographer, & musician (BackBeat TM), learning quickly an entrepreneurial spirit to use well what he had to survive. Undergraduate humanities & communication arts graduate work at ND was followed by advanced graduate programmes in communications & instructional design & technology at the University of Miami & Union Institute, which precipitated roles as faculty, communications director, & academic dean in South Florida higher education: UM, MDC, IFAC. From 1992 on, he has been full-time self-employed within Thornton Communications. His favorite educational market is highly motivated mature learners with diverse stories, so he continues to design scores of adult education courses, workshops, seminars, & e-communities (these & other offerings & output will be directed through ilivedit TM, lifescripts TM, cyprof TM , & paintedword TM).

            In collaboration with his wife Cathy of CG Graphics, Mike also creates both print & digital media for multiple applications from concept to final piece. He provides a broad & deep array of research & writing services encompassing concepts, intellectual property development & protection, ad copy, creative writing & fiction, documentary & av scripts, feature scripts, biographical narratives, ghost writing, resumes & cover letters, product literature, business & technical writing, grants/funding communications, training manuals & multimedia, presentations, newsletters & ezines, corporate communications, scholarly research & writing, educational media, academic publishing, proof-reading & editing, & niche marketing. PaintedWord TM publishing merges visual design principles, literary design principles, & instructional design principles to output academic & literary product & services. Ours is a holistic, interdisciplinary approach.

            Learning is a vital subdivision of communications, so, as a systems architect, Mike thrives in complex, creative projects designed to communicate & educate in novel ways. MegasynapseTM  essentially is designed to be a global community value system: education/learning, history/story, religion/ideals & principles, attitudes/tolerance & mutual respect, actions/social impact, science/research, & voices & literary development/publishing. It thus will include a 501(c)3 entity.

            Mike: 407.614.8004 / 800.600.arts (2787)

            www: megasynapse.com

            Please see designarts.com portfolios for samples.

CG Graphics (Cathy Gibbs Graphics)

graphic design, illustration

A native of Barbados, Cathy Gibbs Thornton is an award-winning graphic designer & illustrator whose hallmark is original & innovative concepts, design, illustration, & graphics. With a summa cum laude A.A. degree in Communication Design, a valedictorian B.A. degree in Advertising Design, & over three decades of experience, the quality of her creative work speaks for itself.

            Cathy’s diverse portfolios include both print & digital media: concepts, graphic design & layout, sketches, brochures & catalogs, newsletters, logos & stationery packages, flyers, mailers, billboards, corporate image, point of purchase & direct mail, maps & charts, display & exhibit graphics, customized invitations & cards, fine art illustration, airbrush & multimedia illustration, 3-D design, product packaging, calligraphy & typography, t-shirt & promo item design, promotional DVDs, menus, cartoons, book & media covers, ebooks & custom PDFs, renderings, original artwork for music & film media, mixed media, digital photo retouching/editing, & special effects.

            PaintedWord TM publishing merges visual design principles, literary design principles, & instructional design principles to output academic & literary product & services. It is our professional joint apex. 

            When presentation is everything, effective design & visuals make all the difference by creating a lasting first impression. We humans are exceptionally visual creatures.

            Cathy: 407.347.3050 / 305.378.6050 / 800.506.arts (2787)

            www: designarts.com

            Please see designarts.com portfolios for samples.

< Sept 3, 2015 1800 UTC (Please compare with a current estimate via same link.)

    This census.gov global population clock indicates approx. 150 humans net gain every minute globally = 9,000 humans net gain every hour = 216,000 humans net gain every day = 78,840,000 humans net gain every year = 6,570,000 humans net gain every month (yr/12) = approx. the populations of CA, NY, & FL combined & added to global humanity annually as net gain = massive, exponentially expanding footprint upon the biosphere.

    How to solve our own species’ negative viral impact upon all else with good solutions soon?

    We’re cause #1.    

    We’re solution #1.