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If you like the sound of a live band, & want a playlist to span generations, I’m your guy. 
Begun in high school, my “BackBeat”(SM) combo setup of live drummer/percussionist with simultaneous DJ playback of top tunes expanded in multiple ways: stored equipment now includes digital & acoustic drum sets, endless Latin percussion toys, three different PA systems up to 6500 watts, truss systems for lights & effects, stage & canopy, banners, & vans & trailers.

Select playback from a 17,000+ song library is programmed & controlled through computers & peripherals. The basic solo setup is quite sufficient for events up to 75 people; moderate solo works for 75-300; full equipment inventory & crew serves up to 3,000. Minimum 3 hours starts @ $225. See videos!

My musical self represents my fullest self, for this branch of instrumentation (percussive) requires full physical & creative passion, immediate emotional responses, fluid intellectual analyses, and completely focused soulful commitment. I’m well-versed in clear pulse, ample bass, solid chords, impassioned rhythms, engaging melodies, insightful lyrics, & mutual listening. 

Besides, it’s incredibly fun for all, especially when the feedback loop cranks up: I’m your own private concert! (SM) Let’s do this.

Call me @ 407.614.8004 / / Mike  ;o)

* “May you run through the world like a spark through the stubble.” @ some public event venues (private parties remain that): Windermere Friday Night Food Truck, Yellow Dog Eats, Winter Garden Mall, Sun On The Beach, I-Drive, Turkey Lake Park, YMCA, Lyceum D’Internationale, WC 4th, Platinum Sands Tour, & more.!shapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1
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jammin’ 4 decades

Mike “Spark” Thornton *

“Just a bright, talented, big kid.” 
mission: music appreciation
roots: 60s revolution+ 
education: formal music training as fusion percussionist
educator: higher ed music & humanities prof
influences: everything I’ve heard, seen, felt, or imagined
experience: Notre Dame jazz & marching bands, George Benson label, studio work, several bands, 2.3k+ gigs 
favorite sound: the ocean, but from musicians, it’s waves of it
when solo: I get to jam with all & swim in pure Joy
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 Central FL canned heat+

kick it off with tunes & energy that’ll keep everyone moving

big to small, we’ve got the equipment & library to match

from in-house to clientele, brand your socialization

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you name it, we can make the audio bring it to life
can travel beyond

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• from Swing Era to present
all musical moods
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work hard, 
party harder (TM) 

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