Scientific Method for Socrates


    To survive, all life forms must choose to respond (or not) to stimuli, if even at the most rudimentary level. Whether it's an amoeba moving in the direction of nearby food from chemical trails, or an eagle stalking prey, or a human choosing which lane to move into next on a busy highway, such action/reaction decisions all stem from external stimuli interacting with & within the individual organism, all to the appropriate evolutionary key signature. It is a primordial, data-driven song & dance.

    Clearly, the anthropomorphic notion that humans are the only Earth biology with volition, free will, is rejected. The most influential "brute animal" on this planet is us, & our collective decisions affect all other species across the taxonomical braided stream. Will any of us live long enough to see bioneurotechnology capable of translating other species' communications & symbolic systems, their own “thoughts & feelings?” As is, other life forms tell us much already. There is so much one could ask all ticket holders of Noah's Ark. In the interim, we work within our limitations, & ask ourselves… everything. 

I believe as long as we each choose being, then there is but one key question to ask: To know, or not to know? No, that is a question. Power & change comes from application: To USE knowledge or not? That is THE question.

    Questions themselves are a form of knowing. One must know something of the terrain & the map of reality (or even constructs) to posit content to be reflected upon. The chosen mirror matters. Socrates, famed ancient Greek philosopher, developed a method of reasoning designed to lead all who questioned into a collaborative process of inquiry, reflection, analysis, intuition, evaluation, & synthesis. Socrates wanted his fellow learners (students, citizens, all) to work methodically at discovering the matrices of truth surrounding any issue, any query of mind or heart. He asked questions designed to lead others out of one place & into a more highly illumined one. What shone was -- & is -- the focus upon the process itself to reach a possibly imperfect product.

    The Socratic Method designs to guide others in their own learning of how to analyze problems, how to reason by analogy, how to think critically about one's own arguments & those offered by others, how to deconstruct a position & then rebuild it anew, & to understand the effect of answers upon those subject to one's questions.        

    Good questioning of our universe should engender one to an even more meaningful role in active learning & impassioned global citizenship.

    Truth evolves, too.

aims of science





divining truths


Science neither proves nor disproves. It accepts or rejects ideas based on supporting and refuting evidence, but may revise those conclusions if warranted by new evidence or perspectives.


Duis Nonsequ Ismodol

Eliquatuero Numsan

Augait eu Henim Facilla


Duis Nonsequ Ismodol

Eliquatuero Numsan

Augait eu Henim Facilla

Duis Nonsequ Ismodol

scientific process

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Which school am
I attending?

Ipsum Elementary

What grade am I?

4th Grade

Who’s my teacher?

Mrs. Urna Dolor

How many students are there in my class?

15 (7 boys and 8 girls)

What am I studying?

English Writing
Drawing III
Piano II

What are my
favorite subjects?


What sports do I like?



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Scientific Method for Socrates