system process


    This megasynaspeTM system houses hundreds of structural components, the most obvious of which is domain names. “Many roads lead to Rome” is a megasynapseTM mantra, for any of the 20(+) associated visible domain names used as an entry point URL will lead to the same navigational content. While the “local 4” sites serve primarily our Central Florida area ( is global), the 15(+) “crescent” domains -- as a counterclockwise infinite sequential & interactive loop -- ultimately serve Earth through humans. No home, no life. No way!

    Let’s posit some major, but basic assumptions:

    1. Whether we humans are part of a Grande Design &/or a Glorious Accident of possibility-to-actuality, or other plausibilities, here we are, now.

     2. The greater the Knowledge of self, the other, & the environment, the more one can envision & predict a more beneficial future.

     3. Knowledge may be potential power, but applied knowledge -- Action -- is realized power.


name: megasynapse

age: 4.5-13 billion years+

birthday: a big bangin’ party

parents: Chaos + Cosmos

purpose: perpetuate self

favorite a: b, sometimes c

favorite b: c, sometimes a

favorite c: a, sometimes b

favorite abc: xyz, always

favorite observation: absurdity = expecting a different result with the same variables

favorite conclusion: learn to create rational future change now

our intentions


to 3lb(s) out & back


from 3lb(s) out & back


for 3lb(s) & all matter


~ system process ~



            = book cover, so here’s our table of contents:

            megasynapse home page: 

 / home sweet home

                • evolving biomimicry


  about us / all of us

                • let’s solve stuff


  system process / enjoy the ride

                • many roads to Rome

                       (< You see that reflection beneath the graphic? = you are here now.  The

                                       same visual cue applies to all graphics at the bottom of each page.)


    local 4 top nav bar > / principles of matter & energy

                • nature solved it / still jammin’

                • your own private concert / a community voice

                • mellow rural development / pop the hood

                • it’s personal


web crescent cycle:

    absorb & create > / us

                • human identity’s greatest common denominator

                • Memory Road: genes, brains, books, bytes, borgs

                • our 3lb brain rules memory, mirrors, free will / history

                • primary source perspectives

                • 3lb(s) collective memory

                • unfiltered experiences / story

                • personal pov full buffet

                • 3lb(s) individual memory

                • remembered &/or imagined / lead

                • create others & yourself out: xyz courses

                • 3lb(s) educere: teach, learn, lead out

                • distance learning best practices, e-communities / publish

                • paint with words the colours of humanity

                • 3lb(s) communally-polished gems

                • entertainment, heart, mind, global wisdom

    attitudes > / (pseudo) objectivity

                • an/the alien pov of our globe

                • 3lb(s) reverse anthropomorphic

                • comedy, satire, truth, challenge, change / house of mirrors

                • it’s a zoo out there

                • scientific method for Socrates

                • 3lb(s) psychosocial research / resolve this

                • cuz we all debate, decide

                • 3lb(s) fair reason law, complex truth science

                • Venn ripples that challenge anew / our gods are family

                • wired to be 3lb(s) sacred

                • mono madness, religious intolerance

                • polytheism, pagans, mythology, ideals / slab & pillar politics

                • sands shift, principles guide

                • 3lb(s) self-governance best practices

                • unifying power, ethics, the other

    behaviors > / planetary healthcare

                • we 3lb(s) are not alone

                • 1 species vs. 8.7 million

                • no home, no life, no way / voices raised united

                • 3lb(s) suppressed wills

                • alpha predators vs. mercy, respect, love

                • Darwinian caveats, best fit / children+

                • ageless character traits of pride

                • 3lb(s) ultimate hope, gene building blocks

                • securing a wise, good future / where’s owner’s manual?

                • parents, surrogate adults, society

                • 3lb(s) selective values, fit

                • genetic tuff luv, contemporary omniparenthood / act ! ! !

                • 3lb(s) potentialities, tempos, rhythms, harmonies

                • from solos to chorus

                • self-composition free will symphony

    resources >            


    FAQs: frequently answered

    glossary: relevant propaganda

    resources: credit due

    terms & policies: use, don’t abuse

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