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As part of the megasynaspe.com system of mutual marketing sites, westorangebiz.com -- with our offices located in West Orange County -- aims to deliver high effective value to local businesses in all of Orange County, Florida, as well as throughout Central Florida. 

Our diverse package of digital & print business marketing tools allows a range of options & budget: 

    1) Specific & categorical ads on select site system pages entice both the pre-determined audience as well as the searching, open-ended one. By clicking through an ad(s) on key site-system pages, viewers are lead to detailed content & any other marketing tools ordered.

    2) At the core of our online services is our feature advertorial, an in-depth piece covering the business beat in a customized format. Choose from possible categories for public information: customer benefits & results, basic business data, general business activities/company overview, personal background/motivation, company strategy, scope of work, company news, industry stats/data, background & development, current market conditions, workforce, key processes, & other possible points of interest, persuasion, & motivation. These comprehensive pieces include up to 10 inserted image uploads.

    3) Customized print & digital corporate image pieces from logos & business cards to mailers/flyers & brochures, catalogs, data sheets & image banks, & many other marketing devices, all wrapped within collaborative strategy.

    4) Multimedia projects combining corporate image, informative presentations, music, video, social media, & web interaction. 

We’re proud & pleased that westorangebiz.com is ground zero for site system business development that includes a more leveraged value beyond standard package criteria: we offer a lasting, personalized online presence with ample business detail geared to inform, persuade, & motivate consumers.

Please contact Mike Thornton at 407-614-8004 for complete quotes. Individual 150 x 75 pixel ads start at $35 for ad creation & $24 for 3 months online; several other options are available.

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See designarts.com for various portfolio samples. We thank you for your business!  :)

Featured advertorials intro:


name: Orange County, Fl USA

includes: 12+ municipalities

county government seat: Orlando


population: 1,157,372

(90% urban, 10% rural

land area: 903 square miles

water area: 99 square miles

human density: 1,269/square mile

consumer price index: 101.20


private wage/salary: 479,979 (85%)

government: 56,426 (10%)

self-employed: 24,864 (4%)

average commute: 26.2 minutes

residents live & work in OC: 85.7%


arts, entertainment, recreation, lodging, food services: 99,013 (18%)

educational, health, social services: 94,182 (17%)

retail trade: 70,559 (13%)

professional, scientific, management: 76,035 (14%)


average size: 2.7 people (state: 2.5)

average household income: $50,138 (state: $47,661)


owner-occupied houses & condos: 235,357

renter-occupied apts: 156,441

average apt rent: $822/month

average house price: $228,600

median mortgage: $1,666/month

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Kathy Nicholson, LMT / Licensed Massage Therapist

Kathy Nicholson, LMT (Fl license # MA12763), is part of an ancient profession that uses hands, fingers, forearms, and elbows to manipulate body tissues to help relieve pain, stress, anxiety, and basically improve overall health.

   Massage therapy relaxes the nervous system by slowing heart rate & lowering blood pressure.

Pain & stress hormones decrease from massage, enhancing immune system function & ..

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